Choosing a Lavaliere Microphone for Video

Matt Donley Content Creation

For recording videos for YouTube or for your training course, you’re going to want to use a lavaliere microphone to record your voice. Also called a “lav” mic, it’s a small microphone that you can clip to your shirt inconspicuously to record your voice while you’re on camera.lavmics

In this article, I’m going to show you what to look for when researching lav mics, as there are a lot of things to consider that depend upon how you plan on recording, and the type of videos you’ll be shooting. We’ll go over the following:

  1. Wired or wireless? – You probably don’t need to waste your money on a wireless system.
  2. Recording device & plug-in power – Make sure you know if your mic needs “plug-in power”, and if your recording device provides it or not. 
  3. Connection types – Many of them look similar, but there are huge differences you should be aware of, because you need to get the right mic for the recording device you plan on using.
  4. Polar pattern – Microphones have different characteristics in how they pick up sound. Choose the right one for the application.