You are: An aspiring online entrepreneur, content creator, blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, author.

You create: Articles, tutorials, videos, ebooks, podcasts, information products, courses.

But you’re struggling to get past the technological hurdles of building an online business. From setting up a website, to social media accounts, or creating videos or starting a podcast.

OnlineBusinessTECH.com mission statement

  • To show you what the most important technical elements of an online business are, and teach you how to implement them yourself without having to hire someone.
  • To connect you with other online business experts who specialize in specific platforms, so you can learn advanced skills.
  • To provide you with enough knowledge about audio/video gear to make intelligent purchasing decisions.
  • To include actionable, step by step information in every article and tutorial.

I will help you overcome the technical challenges of building and growing your brand; producing videos and podcasts, editing images, tackling social media, email marketing, monetization strategies, and everything else involved with building a brand online.

About Matt

My name is Matt Donley. I earn a living online sharing knowledge with others. I understand that the technical challenges of building an online business can sometimes get in the way of being able to deliver your message. I want to remove those hurdles for you so you can focus on what’s most important.


I used to be a carpenter, working a regular 9 to 5 job, dreaming of the day I could figure out how to “make money online.” I also had web design, graphic design, video and audio experience under my belt, so I wanted to learn how to take those skills and turn them into something that could earn me money. I’ve heard all the stories of people making a living online, and it took a lot of time to cut through the garbage and find the REAL people who had figured it out. I knew it was possible, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it for myself.

Then, I found Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com. Pat opened my eyes to a new way of approaching online business, and he inspired me to create a tutorial website called MasterSketchUp.com. It’s a website where I teach people how to 3D model using a program called SketchUp. I spent about 1 1/2 years building up my website before I released my first ebook, SketchUp to LayOut. After about a month, I quit my full time job, and have been working online ever since.

Pat eventually invited me onto his podcast to talk about my success, and my book launch. You can listen to my interview on Pat’s Podcast here.

You will learn how to earn money online by organizing and presenting knowledge to the world through content you create and share with others.

There is no shortage of information out there on how to make money online. But what I find lacking is a step by step resource for all the technical aspects of online business. What are the most important things you should be doing right now to grow your online business? And how, exactly, do you implement them, step by step?

I focus on teaching you the most important fundamental aspects of building a brand online. These are the core components that everyone should be doing when trying to build an online business. I share tips and tricks from my own personal experience of building a brand online, and turning it into a full time income.

I specialize in breaking things down into easy, step by step tutorials so you can follow along and get results.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning, subscribe to my mailing list in order to stay in touch with me, and I’ll let you know whenever I produce a new tutorial.

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