While building my online business, I’ve used a ton of different tools and resources along the way. Of the ones I’ve found most helpful, I’ve listed them here on this page to serve as a resource to you. Some of these resources cost money, while others are free.

Some of these links below are affiliate links, meaning I’ll earn a commission if you end up purchasing when you click through the links.

Bluehost | Web Hosting (Affiliate Link)

The most important part of creating an online presence is having your own website. It is your “home base”, the place where your audience will be discovering all the great content you’ll be creating. In order to have a website, you’ll need to buy hosting. Hosting services actually store your website on their servers and serve it up to everyone who types in your web address.¬†Over the past ten years I’ve used a few different hosting providers, but when I first started out, I used Bluehost. It’s a cheap option for when you are first starting out and don’t have a lot of traffic.

Mailchimp | Email Marketing

As you start to build an online business, you’ll want to stay in touch with your followers by asking for their email address and sending them updates. This is going to become your most valuable asset in your online business. This is your most direct link to your potential customers.

You might think you can get away with just saving their email addresses in your address book and just sending out a bulk email. An email management service, like Mailchimp, offers a ton of valuable features, including segmentation, subscribe/unsubscribe management, automated email management, and more. The best part is, Mailchimp is free for your first 2,000 subscribers.

Productivity tools

Trello is an awesome “project/task management” service that helps you organize your life. There are so many uses for Trello, I use it daily. They have an app too for your tablet or phone, so you can keep everything sync’ed across all devices. It is a great collaboration tool too!
LastPassLogo-150x150I use LastPass to create and organize all my passwords. It will generate highly secure passwords anytime I need to create a new account, and it will autofill whenever I arrive at a website. They have an app as well, that lets you fill in passwords on your phone. You’ll save time, and your passwords will be more secure.
bufferI use this app to help me maintain a social media presence, and to tackle social media posting in bulk, saving me time. When you have something you want to share, you add it to your Buffer queue, and it will send it out to your Twitter, Facebook, etc at a preset scheduled interval.

OBS | ScreenCasting

Open Broadcaster Software

If you are live streaming, or need to record a screen capture, OBS is an excellent free, open source program for doing just that.

GetDPD | Digital Product Delivery (Affiliate Link)

I Love DPD! It’s the best digital file delivery system out there, and their customer support is amazing. I’ve asked for new features, and within a week they were implemented. I also love how you can create “bundles” from your products. No per transaction fee. Affiliate program management included. Works with PayPal, Stripe, and more.

LibSyn | Podcast Delivery

If you’re planning on launching a podcast, you’ll need a place to host your audio files and deliver them to your subscribers.