Building Your Website

How to create a WordPress website from scratch

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your own website without any previous experience. If you can navigate around on Facebook, then you have the technical skills need to create a website. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have your own .com, and a beautifully designed website that you can then customize to your liking. (very easily)


Logging into WordPress

Instead of installing web design software on your computer, WordPress actually includes all of the website creation and editing tools right inside of the WordPress install on your web server. In order to access them, you need to log into your Admin Dashboard.

In a new tab in your browser, type in your domain, and add /wp-admin at the end. ( This is where you’ll go whenever you want to log into your WordPress admin dashboard. Type in the username and password you created in step 4 of installing WordPress, and click Log In. (If you forgot it, you should’ve gotten an email with the login info too.)
login to WordPress

Deleting Default Plugins

By using the quick install feature on Bluehost, you’ll quickly become annoyed at some of the default plugins that come preinstalled. Specifically, the Mojo Marketplace plugin. It stuffs new menus and buttons all over the place to try to get you to purchase a premium theme. If you find that annoying, you can easily disable and delete that plugin.

  1. Click on the Plugins button in the lefthand side menu.
  2. Click the checkbox alongside the plugins you want to deactivate. Hello Dolly, Jetpack, and Mojo Marketplace are all unnecessary plugins. In the Bulk Options dropdown menu, select Deactivate, and click Apply.
  3. Now that you’ve deactivated the plugins, you can now delete them. (You can always reinstall plugins later. The only time you wouldn’t want to delete a plugin is if there were settings in the plugin that you don’t want to lose.) Click the checkboxes again, in the Bulk Options dropdown menu, select Delete, and click Apply.
  4. Click Yes, Delete these files and data to confirm that you want to delete these files.
    Delete confirmationNow that the Mojo Marketplace is deleted, you’ll notice that your site no longer displays the “Coming soon” landing page. (The landing page was a feature of that plugin.)
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By Matt Donley

Matt is the creator of onlinebusinesstech where he shares tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to leverage technology when building your own online business.